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Case story

An unexpected event resulted in a critical steam transfer pipeline at a Dutch oil refinery being put out of service and requiring immediate maintenance. The pipeline and its Expansion Joints had to be replaced as soon as possible.


Client Challenge

The client required immediate assistance in the form of design support to create a more robust solution designed to accommodate the conditions of the recent event. They wanted to avoid the same failure occurring again in the future. They were looking for a company with the necessary experience that could both design and manufacture an effective solution quickly.


Belman Design Solution

Belman Design immediately went to work gathering information from the event so that they could model and analyse the condition. This allowed them to define the new operating parameters and design a solution which could accommodate the resulting loads and movements.
Belman Design then prepared a report containing a comprehensive pipeline specification with suitable Expansion Joints engineered to meet the new design parameters. The report included detailed assembly drawings with preliminary orientation of the piping for correct installation. Belman Design ensured that there were sufficient resources available to meet the critical tight time constraints the client had to evaluate and approve the solution. The client was able to proceed and asked Belman to commence with priority manufacture of the Expansion Joints.


Expertise and Experience

The client benefitted from Belman Design’s expertise and experience which in return saved them both time and money. Belman’s capability to provide both design and manufacture allowed the client to save precious time in designing and installing a more robust solution for their plant. It allowed them to reduce downtime and return to normal operation promptly and efficiently.


Benefit for the client

  • Focus on communication and teamwork.
  • Fast track evaluation via 3D modelling and analysis.
  • Comprehensive report with detailed information suitable for immediate manufacture and installation.
  • Field proven solution meeting international design codes and regulations.
  • Full aftersales support to ensure that all client requirements have been met.


Provided to the client

  • Comprehensive report illustrating and describing all details
  • Improved pipeline section design with Expansion Joints
  • Assembly drawings

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