Case story

A European client turned to Belman Design with an issue of a failing Expansion Joint in their pipe section at their reactor furnace. Belman Design analyzed the existing pipe section design and, based on that, engineered a suggestion for improvement. With that, the client gained an optimal piping section design and, as a result, a longer service life of the components in the pipe section.


Client Challenge

The client had a pipe section connecting some equipment at the reactor furnace in the plant. In the existing solution, one Expansion Joint was to do the job and under very demanding operating parameters. This resulted in a failed Expansion Joint and an unplanned operation stop. Finding a durable solution was challenging as the client faced the following issues with the pipe section:

• Limited space, and no space to make a fixation point at the bend of the pipeline
• Limited options for spring hanger systems were possible for the horizontal duct
• High temperatures
• Large axial and lateral movements
• Heavy weight (loads) from the pipeline of 1760 kg

The client therefore turned to Belman Design for help to find the optimal pipe section design solution.


Belman Design Solution

Belman Design analyzed the current pipe section design and brainstormed on possible optimization, followed by comprehensive calculations and modulation. The solution was agreed in close cooperation with the client.

The new pipe section design involved 3 Expansion Joints being installed into the pipe section. A hinged Expansion Joint installed in the long pipe leg next to the reactor furnace absorbing the movements as angular movement. Two tied lateral Expansion Joints – one installed in each short pipe leg. These two Expansion Joints each had two tie rods to absorb lateral and angular movement. With this pipe section design, the client was able to change the fixation point in the pipe section corner to a sliding support with lift up protection. In this way, this sliding support was supporting the weight of the pipeline thus allowing movements.

A spring hanger was mounted in the other bend of the pipe section. These new fixations combined with the 3 specially designed Expansion Joints unloaded nozzles loads as well as absorbing all movements generated from the process. This optimized solution represents a durable solution ensuring the client safe, smooth, and reliable operation.


Benefit for the client

  • The pipe section design resulted in unloading of the nozzle loads
  • Allowing movements in the pipe section, which were absorbed in the best way
  • A constellation of the pipe section incorporating 3 Expansion Joints, which ensures smooth operation and long service life
  • A pipe section design based on expert knowledge on Expansion joints and how they work in the pipe system
  • The client is now guaranteed a safe, reliable, and flawless operation


Belman Design is an expert in optimizing pipe section design involving Expansion Joints

Belman Design expertly assists clients on optimization of pipe section design. Using our 25+ years of experience on Expansion Joints and their influence on piping systems, the client is always ensured premium optimization of their pipe section layout. Read more about what we do here: Optimization of piping layout.

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